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SQangles 2"


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SQangles™ are multi-use iron on templates for quilting – no lines to draw and no paper to tear off – no adding fractions!

SQangles™  are the Super Quick way to make half square, quarter square, half quarter square triangles, flying geese and more!   SQangles™  make quilting more fun!

  • No lines to draw!
  • No paper to tear off!
  • No adding fractions!
  • Multiple use sheets!
  • Quick – Easy – Accurate!
  1. Iron template on fabric
  2. Place fabrics right sides together
  3. Sew on stitching lines
  4. Cut on solid lines
  5. Press open
  6. Start piecing!

SQangles™ templates are sold by the FINISHED size, the size after it is sewn into the block.  Many pattern directions use the 7/8” formula adding 7/8” to the cut size in order to have the finished size needed for the block after sewing the diagonal seam.  Some patterns add an inch in order to “true up” the square.   To determine which size SQangles™  to use, look at the pattern to see what size the finished square should be and use that size SQangles™ .  (For those who prefer to square it up, a larger size SQangles™  may be used.)