2 Fabric Bargello

Pick one of our great prints and pair it up with a gradated batik. You are now ready to make a beautiful bargello quilt. 3 different designs to choose from the 2 Fabric Bargello pattern. 3 fabric version available, also.

Beginners Class (3 sessions)

Session 1: fabric yardage, pre-cuts, time saving tips, basic quilt elements Session 2: discuss different fabrics, batting, notions, cutting/marking tools Session 3: sewing machine, feet & accessories

Pajama Pants

Everyone wants to have that great pair of PJ Bottoms to put on after a hard day at work. This class will give you the tools you need to make as many pairs as you would like. Learn what measurements you need to have and you can start making PJ Bottoms for yourself, the kids or the grandkids.

Aug 24
Hunters Star Class
Aug 27
Triple Dresden Tree Skirt
Aug 29
Beginners Class (3 sessions)