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Hi everyone,

It is a pleasure to finally get this opportunity to open up a fabric store in the Macomb, MI area.  I was a home based web site for several years and decided it was finally time to move in to a store.

I started piece quilting about 14 years ago as a hobby.  After piecing together so many quilts, I wanted to finish quilting my quilts and went a step further and invested in the Gammill - Optimum quilting machine and Statler Stitcher.  I started with Precision Stitch (PS) and now Gammill has provided several upgrades through Creative Stitch 5 (CS5).  Oh, the things we can do with CS5 is just amazing.

You will find on the Quilting page that I have a large selection of design patterns and I have several favorites for you to choose from to put on your quilt.  This is only a sampling of the designs you can choose from, however they do give you a basic idea for pricing which is based on size and design density. 

I do not provide digitize design for long arm quilters, although I am hoping to hold classes in this area from very qualified Statler Stitcher Certified instructors soon.

We have 6 sewing stations that can accommodate 12 sewing students, a cutting station and ironing station for your convenience.  This is a great place to bring a friend, take a class or schedule a mini retreat.  Do join us!!!!


Thank you for this opportunity!!

 Barbara Ann

Time Remembered Quilting